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Why Being Single On Valentine's Day Is Great

Why Being Single On Valentine's Day Is Great

Why being single on Valentines day is great

You get to pick the film. You don’t have to sit through another fast and furious film as a way of compromising and you can watch the Notebook without glancing over to see him sitting on his phone.

You don’t have to waste your money on an expensive card which he will hold zero sentimental value to anyway. Save your pennies and spend it on flowers for your mum, not spending it on expensive, glorified paper.

Because you’re not spending money on a gift for him, TREAT YO’ SELF! Think about how much that new watch would have cost for your name and spend that money on a girl’s holiday for you and your true ride or die’s.

I don’t care what anyone says, sleeping on your own is way better than with someone else. Starfish the night away, ladies.

You have even more time to chill with your besties. Take valentines day as an opportunity to get the girls round, drink cocktails and celebrate how great your lives are being independent women.

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