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Our Must See Netflix Favourites

Our Must See Netflix Favourites

Long gone are the days of crazy nights out and socialising, no, nowadays we warmly welcome a night in tucked up on the sofa binge watching our favourite Netflix shows. After a lot of discussion and negotiation we finally devised our top 5 must see shows (that also happen to be available on netflix).

1. Stranger Things

If you are yet to watch Stranger Things then where have you been living! Mix the perfect amount of sci-fi action with teen romance and pre-teen angst and alas you have yourself a gripping 2 series and 17 episodes of entertainment. This investigative drama has won our top spot. 

2. Black Mirror

Originally shown on the BBC and now one of Netflix's many owned shows, these stand alone fiction thriller episodes will leave you feeling uneasy about the modern world, but, (trust us) in the best possible way.

3. The Sinner

This dark and gripping murder story will have you hooked from the first episode. We sat and watched the entire story in one night, we could not drag ourselves away! The story unravels as Cora's (the murderer), missing traumatic memories are revealed as the episodes go on. 

4. How to Get Away With Murder

The series follows a strong charismatic university lecturer and her small group of mischievous students/employees as they get into an abundance of trouble mixed with romance and mystery along the way. 

5. 13 Reasons Why

 No matter your age you cannot deny how gripping and fixating high school drama's generally are. This one is by no means any different, however, it's based around a very dark but very real issue, suicide. A young 17 year old high school student kills herself and leaves behind 13 cassette tapes which uncover the reasons behind her apparently quite surprising suicide. 

So these are our recommendations, what are yours? 

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