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How To Survive London Fashion Week

How To Survive London Fashion Week

Ah yes, it has very quickly become that time of year again. It's the month of fashion weeks, where you are bombarded with the latest trends and socialites grace the cover of every magazine and every social media feed. Love it or hate it there's no doubt you can't escape it. If you are attending this seasons London Fashion week then we have devised our top tips to help you get through the busy week of pure madness. 


Stay Hydrated with LOTD LFW

Seems obvious and self-explanatory, right? You will be surprised how easy it is to forget to drink while you’re running around socialising. Always carry a bottle of water with you that you can sip on between shows (and in between glasses of champagne).

Dress to … be comfortable

Flat shoes LOTD

While fashion week is inevitably a time to showcase your unique and on trend sense of style, you need to think practically. You will be running and dashing around from show to show all over the city, your feet will be sore and ache. Forget how those new sock boot peep toes may look with your statement draped cape, you really need to consider comfortable flats. Or if you just can’t bare the thought of it then at least throw a pair in your bag for when your feet go numb.


Devil Wears Prada LOTD

Amongst all the glitz and glamour, the parties and the gorgeous clothes, fashion week is your perfect opportunity to network with creatives and like-minded individuals.  Get crafty, get researching and know who’s who so you stand out in a sea of ‘wannabe’ Andy Sachs’.

Portable charger

So vital yet so easy to forget. You’re likely to be using your phone non-stop throughout the day; for pictures, maps, networking and Instagram stalking, so don’t be that person whose phone dies in the morning and you end up getting lost in the middle of a manic city.

Just have fun

Stranger things lotd

Above all, just have fun, take it easy and enjoy yourselves!

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