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How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last Longer Than a Month

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last Longer Than a Month

Turning a New Year’s resolution into a lifestyle change is never easy, but don’t panic – we’ve got the top tips you’ll need to help achieve your goals in 2018.

Go to the gym more

Exercise has been scientifically proven to boost your mood, thanks to our good ol’ friends’ endorphins, so all you need to do is turn the gym into your happy place and a way of relieving stress. A great way to help make this happen is to wear a hat. I know – sounds irrelevant, but wearing a cap in the gym isn’t just a style bonus, it’s also great at keeping you focused. It blocks out everyone else in the gym and makes it easy to avoid eye contact with the gym bro in the corner grunting while he bicep curls. Music is a great healer too, it can calm nerves and also has mood boosting properties. Bag yourself a pair of wireless headphones and shut the world out so you can do your booty workouts while listening to Queen B in peace.

Spend less money on silly stuff

Are you one of those people that feels like they’re ballin’ on payday but by Monday are praying for the next one? People have a great skill at spending money on useless stuff, thanks to contactless banking it’s easier than ever. But, while the banking world develops, luckily so do apps. Chip is an app that helps you save without you even really knowing it. It calculates how much you can afford to save every day, as you spend, and automatically puts it into a saving account for you.

Quit smoking/drinking/swearing

Ready to give up some of your guilty pleasures? It can be easier said than done and sometimes it’s good to just go old school and bring back the classic swear jar. Holding yourself responsible, and telling friends and family to hold you accountable, can help nip that bad habit in the bud. Find a suitable amount that can substitute your bad habit, so one swear word might be equal to £1, and get everyone around you to make you cough up if you slip up.

Drink more water

This has got to be one of the resolutions that we all make every single Monday morning – why is it so difficult to stick to?! Luckily, we live in 2018 now and there’s an app for almost everything. Try getting a bottle with a straw attachment (everything is easier to drink when there’s a straw involved), and download a handy little app called Waterlogged. Waterlogged lets you save containers you frequently use, for example, your favourite mug. Plus, it gives you little reminders to drink more throughout the day to keep you hydrated.

Dress better

I know the pain of staring into your wardrobe and thinking “wow I honestly have nothing to wear”, but it’s going to be okay because I have two top tips that will make it easier than ever to be fashion forward for a bargain price. Step 1. Subscribe to your favourite brands mailing lists and social channels, this is the only way you’ll know about discounts and new items before everyone else. Step 2. Use Pinterest, it’s the perfect place for inspo for just about anything. Start making boards of outfits ideas and what you’d love to see yourself wear. Before you know it, you’ll be giving everyone outfit envy.

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