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Fashion Feels From One Size to Another

Fashion Feels From One Size to Another

How my health and fitness journey has reinforced my love of fashion (and added a whole new range of clothing to my wardrobe).

Of course, fashion is a lot to do with how we look on the outside, but it has so much to do with how we feel on the inside too. I personally never realized this more until I made a change and lost two dress sizes.

I’ve always been passionate about fashion and in my teens and early twenties, I never thought anything about experimenting with the latest trends, feeling confident with my slim frame. However, working full-time in a desk-based role with a two-hour daily commute and not a great understanding of nutrition, I soon began to gain weight and feel unhappy with the way I looked.

Although I still consumed fashion online and in magazines, following the latest trends and browsing them in shops, I no longer had the confidence to embrace it and was now choosing clothing based on how loose it was and whether it covered my stomach, bum and thighs.

This was when I realized that something I was once passionate about had become a chore and something that caused me a lot of worry and upset. Choosing an outfit every day for work, or an outfit for a night out, or even just a trip to the supermarket would prove to be really difficult because I didn’t feel happy in myself – it would always end in “I have nothing to wear!” or tears and having to go out in something feeling very self-conscious. That’s when I decided that to start feeling happier in my clothes again and to reignite my love of fashion, I had to do something about my weight gain.

14 weeks ago, I started going to a personal trainer twice a week in the gym, as well as going to a variety of classes and following a nutrition plan. I have now lost over a stone and two dress sizes (from a 12 to an 8) and my body is starting to change shape in a way I’ve never trained it to before.

Now, I’m not saying that to be able to embrace fashion and feel good about yourself that you have to be small in size – I am purely talking about my own personal experience and feelings. I know women look great in all shapes and sizes and I take inspiration from them all, however I had lost my own love for fashion and was feeling down because of my own issues with my weight.

As I started to notice the weight dropping off, I began having fun with clothes and experimenting with the latest trends again and the feeling it gave me was amazing. My confidence is back, I’m thinking more positively and my shopping habit has flurried again! I’m now excited about fashion again in a way that I had lost.

Here’s another bonus – being a gym newbie, I didn’t really own much fitness apparel so had no idea about the vast range of fashionable, yet comfortable and functional activewear there is out there and by heck am I enjoying adding that range of clothing to my wardrobe!

Next on my list is bikini shopping for my upcoming holiday!

 Here's what I'm loving on LOTD right now:

 A quirky playsuit is fab for holidays:

White Lace Embroidered Playsuit £10

 These high-waisted leggings would make a great addition to my growing gym wear collection:

Navy/Pink High Waisted Leggings With Piping Detail £5

 This dress would look gorgeous for a night out with the girls:

Stone/White Geometric Print Dress £5

 I love a maxi skirt in summer and this one would look great dressed up or for a more casual daytime look:

Black/Tan Striped Maxi Skirt £5

By guest blogger Stacy McKenzie (@stacymcken on Instagram)

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